750w ebikes

Embrace unmatched power and performance with Mavric's incredible selection of 750W e-bikes. These electric bikes are designed for riders seeking a high-powered experience and the ability to conquer a wide range of terrains effortlessly. Whether you're an off-road enthusiast or simply desire a high-performance companion for your daily commute, Mavric's 750W e-bikes are the perfect choice.

Featuring powerful 750W motors, these e-bikes deliver exceptional acceleration and torque, allowing you to dominate steep inclines and tackle rough roads with ease. The long-lasting batteries provide ample range, ensuring that you can enjoy extended rides without worrying about running out of power. Mavric's 750W e-bikes also prioritize rider comfort, boasting ergonomic designs that cater to various cycling preferences. Explore our collection today and experience the thrill of riding a powerful and stylish Mavric 750W e-bike.


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Mavric Misfit 750 Watt - BLACKMavric Misfit 750 Watt - BLACK
Mavric Misfit 750 Watt - BLACK
Sale price$1,449.99 Regular price$1,699.99
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Mavric Matador 750 Watt - BLACK
Mavric Matador 750 Watt - BLACK
Sale price$3,299.99 Regular price$3,599.99
Save $250.00
Mavric Misfit 750 Watt - WHITEMavric Misfit 750 Watt - WHITE
Mavric Misfit 750 Watt - WHITE
Sale price$1,449.99 Regular price$1,699.99
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Mavric Freedom 750 Watt - BLACKMavric Freedom 750 Watt - BLACK
Mavric Freedom 750 Watt - BLACK
Sale priceFrom $2,199.99 Regular price$2,499.99

Power When you Need it

500 or 750 Watt Motor

The "Get Up" for your "Go"

Top Speed up to 28 MPH

Forged Aluminum Frame

Durability when it counts

48V Samsung Battery

40-60 miles per charge

7 Speed Shimano Gears

Off Road? Outstanding!