Mavric Vibe - BLACK

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    The Vibe is a state-of-the-art electric bike that is designed with high-quality components to offer the perfect blend of performance, style, and durability. This bike is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the joy of cycling while enjoying the convenience of an electric motor. The Vibe Mavric Electric Bike comes fully assembled with integrated front and rear lights as well as a front / rear fenders. Ride on!


    MOTOR - 500 Watt SOTO
    SPEED - 0-20+ mph
    BATTERY - 48V 10Ah Samsung Battery
    RANGE - 20-30 Miles Per Charge
    CHARGING - 3A Smart Charger (included)


    FRAME - Forged Aluminum, Foldable
    SUSPENSION - Front Only
    GEARS - 7 Speed Shimano with Grip Shifter
    BRAKES - Premium Mechanical Disc Brakes (160mm Rotor)
    LCD - Full-color Display with USB Port
    WHEELS - Aluminum Rims
    THROTTLE - Thumb
    ADJUSTABLE - Raise or Lower the Handlebars/ Seat
    HANDLES - Premium Ergonomic Grips
    LIGHTS - Integrated front and rear lights.
    FENDERS - Integrated front and rear fenders.
    REAR - Integrated rear rack


    5'4-6'4 Recommended

    Weight Capacity - 350lbs 


    Motor:  One of the key components of the Vibe Mavric Electric Bike is its powerful motor. This bike features a high-performance electric motor that delivers an impressive amount of power to help you tackle even the steepest hills with ease. The motor is a 500w nominal Soto hub motor.

    Suspension: In addition to the motor, the Vibe Mavric Electric Bike also features a high-quality front suspension system. This system is designed to absorb shocks and vibrations to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rough terrain. 

    Braking System: Another key component of the Vibe Mavric Electric Bike is its braking system. This bike uses 160mm disc rotors with mechanical brakes. 

    Drivetrain: The Vibe Mavric Electric Bike also features a high-quality, 7 Speed Shimano drivetrain that is designed to provide smooth and efficient shifting. 


    *All range estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Preston Royce

      Awesome product

      Amazing E bike!!

      I bought this bike for my 12 year old son. We were so impressed by the customer service, the simple assembly and sleek and cool look. My son is obsessed!

      Love the bikes!!

      We got 4 of these bikes for Christmas and the whole family absolutely loves them! Highly recommend!

      Incredible bike!

      The vibe bike is packed with great features and is so much fun to ride. You can't ride it without a smile. I highly recommend it!

      Cruisin with a Smile

      Vibe bike is not only a solid ride with great features, it’s just plain fun to ride. Living near old town (traffic) it can be frustrating to do a quick errand. Not with my Vibe, I can get errands completed faster with a smile on my face. Highly recommend this bike!

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