AZ Foothills Magazine | Trendsetter to Know: Ryan Schultze, Founder of Mavric Electric Cycles

Name: Ryan Schultze


Instagram:  @mavricbikes


Age: 39

Title:  Founder

Married/Single:  Married


City you live in:  Paradise Valley

A typical day in my life includes… Organized chaos.  Some days I am assisting with marketing and some days I am assembling bikes.  No two days are the same, and I would not have it any other way.

I was born… Alta, Iowa. Small town USA! I graduated with 56 students … Super proud Iowan! 

My favorite thing about Arizona… is all the transients.  This place is a melting pot that really brings people from all walks of life together.

I’m listening to… Nate Smith.  Always, ha.  My wife and I have been to three of his shows in 2022.  

My family… is my world.  

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be…Elon Musk.  Putting aside political views, he is an absolute legend.  I am convinced he does not sleep and may indeed be a robot.  

One thing I cannot live without… is my wife.  She is my backbone and ALWAYS supports my crazy ideas.  

When I was younger, I wanted to be… a doctor.  I worked in medical device sales early in my career.  We do NOT pay the doctors enough.  

I’m inspired by… fellow entrepreneurs.  This is the most rewarding and yet taxing position in the world. 

The one person who motivates me is… my mother.  She was a single mom and put herself through college, including a doctorate degree in education.  

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… how divisive politics have become. 

The perfect day would be… a family day on the beach.  Preferably a tropical setting, ha.    

My first job was… selling phone book advertisements for the Yellow Pages.  What a grind!  

My favorite escape… hiking!  Last December, I climbed Pico de Orizaba just outside Mexico City.  18,491 ft!!

My life… is a gift.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed so go out and seize the day.  

I’m currently working on… a new bike launch set to release in February!   I can’t wait to unveil this one!

Always… respect your elders.  I watch how our youth interact with adults today and it concerns me. 

Never… settle.

Favorite Quote… “Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.” – Unknown

Biggest Dream… “retiring” in my 50s … traveling with my wife … and having our daughters meet us wherever we are currently vacationing.   

My Pet Peeve(s)… When people are unable to say – Please, Thank You, and I’m Sorry! 

Bio-on yourself/company: Mavric Electric Cycles was founded in Paradise Valley, Arizona in 2020. We specialize in designing high-end electric motor bikes with best-in-class bike components.  We have several different models to accommodate ALL skill levels. Check out our website for a retail location near you.  Life is short.  Ride Mavric! I was also recently the co-chairman for PCH50’s Off the Record event. The signature event raises money for Phoenix Children’s to support patients and families. This year, the ticketed event, had country superstar Tyler Hubbard. World-class treatment and care for children in Arizona requires world-class talent and PCH50 is happy to help support this incredible organization and its mission.




Based on 69 reviews
New display

Excellent support, easy to identify the replacement part I need and then instalation was a breeze

Inner tube purchased

Timely delivery and spot on product.
However, one that I hope to never have to use ;-)

Mavric Vibe - BLACK
Preston Royce

Awesome product

Mavric Cruz - WHITE
Alan Robinson
Awesome bike!

Easy to assemble out of the box and operational right away.

Glad to be representing in South Carolina!

Outstanding product! Very pleased and will likely buy another!

Amazing E bike!!

I bought this bike for my 12 year old son. We were so impressed by the customer service, the simple assembly and sleek and cool look. My son is obsessed!

Love the bikes!!

We got 4 of these bikes for Christmas and the whole family absolutely loves them! Highly recommend!

North Pole Misfit

I've had my Misfit for about 2 years now. This is my first foldable fat tire ebike and I love it. Ordering was a breeze, however shipping up here to Alaska was a little tricky. Fortunately I was able to find a reputable and reliable shipping company in Carlile which was able to receive my order in Tacoma, WA. Set up was a breeze and the fact that it folds away and is stowable in my little apartment is an added bonus. I've taken it on a few long rides in my local area in both winter and summer. It rides pretty stiff (suspension wise) on asphalt or sidewalks but reasonably better on off road or dirt terrain. Would be nice if the suspension could be easily adjusted to accommodate the variying terrain. During the winter I noticed that the tires ride super smoothe after a fresh snowfall, however it gets a little sliperry if the snow melts and gets slick and icy. Removable studds or studded tires would probably be a better option for winter riding. I've also noticed that the battery life is significantly lessened during the winter months compared to summer months when it's much warmer. Battery life essentially also determines the total distance possible based on its total available voltage (as well as tire pressure). Switching between gears and power modes is also pretty smoothe and flawless, brakes work exceptionally well. Speed and accelleration seems pretty nice to me, and top speed on a straight road tops out between 26-28 mph which I think is pretty quick for this type of bike. I think my initial idea with this type of ebike was to have it as a companion trail rider which would be nice for trekking or taking on trails during camp outs or excursions. Some additions that I've added are led headlight, runflat tire foam inserts, gel seat pad, small rechargeable air pump & tool kit, helmet, spare battery and fireproof battery bags. I hope this review helps and I hope to get more miles and fun out of my Mavric Misfit.

Best Purchase...EVER

We bought 2 Misfit - 750 bikes about a year ago. These are the most fun that you could ever spend your money on. You won't regret it for a second. The battery is long lasting and these are exceptional bikes! You won't regret it!

Incredible bike!

The vibe bike is packed with great features and is so much fun to ride. You can't ride it without a smile. I highly recommend it!

Best Bike on the Market!

I purchased the Mavric Freedom and it has been nothing but incredible! Smooth ride and always turns heads when riding around town. The whole Mavric team is awesome and very friendly. Extremely professional and Great customer service. Would recommend 100/100!

Mavric Cruz - WHITE
Leanne Bird
Loving my new Mavric e-bikes

I purchased the Mavric Cruz e-bikes as a surprise gift for my spouse. They arrived very quickly after purchase was complete. Easy to assemble (there is a set up video which was very helpful). From day one of taking the bikes out, they are easy to operate, love the ease of getting on and off the bikes and the functions are a quick learn. Very impressed with the power and stability. I would definitely recommend. Can't wait to do more exploring off road when camping. Thank you Mavric for your great customer service.

Great bike!

This bike is perfect and easy take places when traveling. So much fun to ride!

Cruisin with a Smile

Vibe bike is not only a solid ride with great features, it’s just plain fun to ride. Living near old town (traffic) it can be frustrating to do a quick errand. Not with my Vibe, I can get errands completed faster with a smile on my face. Highly recommend this bike!

Mavric Vibe - WHITE
Scott Vanderheiden
Mavric Vibe E-Bike

This bike has exceeded all of my expectations, it has so many options that are relevant for those looking for an e-bike. The fact that it’s foldable and Iable to put in the back of my bronco makes it perfect to take on my adventures when heading to the cabins. It’s also great for cruising around town to a local restaurant or to just go for a ride around the neighborhood. I would highly recommend this bike to anyone looking for a e-bike.

Awesome Service

Mavric Matador - BLACK
James R Moffett Jr

Awesome Bike, well built and fun to ride!

Awesome bikes!

We ordered 4 bikes for our family and we absolutely love them ! Highly recommend getting yourself a Mavic bike!

Bright and horn is a bonus

Headlight is bright and easy to attach. Also comes with a horn which is loud and a nice feature. Easy to disconnect and charge. Great light and would recommend.

Mavric Phone Holder
Leanne Bird
Bright and horn is a bonus

Headlight is bright and easy to attach. Also comes with a horn which is loud and a nice feature. Easy to disconnect and charge. Great light and would recommend.

Mavric Misfit - WHITE
Rides N Motion
Crazy good rides

It was the most fun on a bike that isn't run on gas. The misfit climbs and takes on the Arizona terrain like a master.

Love these bikes they are an absolute blast! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Great product- easy to ride and so much fun!

Mavric Vibe - WHITE
Jay Reynolds
Amazing bike!

Just getting started w my Mavric Vibe life but I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the bike and how easy it is to operate.

Power When you Need it

500 or 750 Watt Motor

The "Get Up" for your "Go"

Top Speed up to 28 MPH

Forged Aluminum Frame

Durability when it counts

48V Samsung Battery

40-60 miles per charge

7 Speed Shimano Gears

Off Road? Outstanding!