Mavric Misfit - BLACK

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Embrace your inner rebel and experience the unparalleled performance of the Mavric Misfit Electric Bike. With its top-tier components and innovative design, it's the perfect companion for those looking to break free from the ordinary and explore the world on their terms. Built for those who dare to be different, the Mavric Misfit is more than just a mode of transportation; it's an expression of individuality and freedom.


MOTOR - 750 Watt
SPEED - 0-28+ mph
BATTERY - 48V 14Ah Samsung Battery
RANGE - 40-60 Miles Per Charge
CHARGING - 3A Smart Charger (included)


FRAME - Forged Aluminum, Foldable
SUSPENSION - Front & Rear
GEARS - 7 Speed Shimano with Grip Shifter
BRAKES - Premium Hydraulic Disc
LCD - Full-color Display with USB Port
WHEELS - 20" Aluminum Rims
ADJUSTABLE - Raise or Lower the Handlebars/ Seat
HANDLES - Premium Ergonomic Grips


5'4-6'4 Recommended

Weight Capacity - 350lbs 


Frame: The Mavric Misfit's robust aluminum alloy frame is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. The sleek, modern design provides an optimal balance between strength, durability, and weight, ensuring that your ride is as comfortable as it is stylish. With a collapsible frame and handlebars, the Misfit makes for ultimate versatility.

Motor: Powered by a 750W Bafang rear hub motor, the Mavric Misfit delivers smooth and consistent acceleration, allowing you to reach speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h). The powerful motor gives you the confidence to conquer steep hills and challenging terrains with ease.

Battery: The Samsung 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery provides a remarkable range of up to 60 miles (80 km) on a single charge. It's cleverly concealed within the frame for a sleek and unobtrusive look. With the fast-charging technology, you can recharge the battery in just 4 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between rides.

Display: The Misfit features an intuitive LCD display that offers real-time feedback on your speed, distance, battery life, and more. The backlit screen ensures excellent visibility in all lighting conditions, while the handlebar-mounted controls let you navigate through the display options effortlessly. This display also comes with a USB port so you may plug in a speaker, add additional lighting accessories, or simply charge your phone.  

Drivetrain: Equipped with a premium 7-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain, the Mavric Misfit offers a wide range of gearing options for a smooth and efficient ride. The precise and reliable shifting ensures that you can effortlessly adapt to any terrain or riding condition.

Braking System: Stay in control with the advanced Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, providing exceptional stopping power and modulation in all weather conditions. Paired with 160mm rotors, these brakes ensure reliable and consistent performance for maximum safety on every ride.

Suspension: The Suntour XCT suspension fork with 100mm of travel delivers plush and responsive performance, allowing you to tackle rough trails and potholes with ease. The adjustable preload and lockout feature give you complete control over your suspension to customize your ride for optimal comfort and performance.

Tires: The 20-inch Kenda Havoc tires offer the perfect balance of grip, durability, and rolling resistance. The versatile tread pattern provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, ensuring that you remain in control, regardless of the terrain.

*All range estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    North Pole Misfit

    I've had my Misfit for about 2 years now. This is my first foldable fat tire ebike and I love it. Ordering was a breeze, however shipping up here to Alaska was a little tricky. Fortunately I was able to find a reputable and reliable shipping company in Carlile which was able to receive my order in Tacoma, WA. Set up was a breeze and the fact that it folds away and is stowable in my little apartment is an added bonus. I've taken it on a few long rides in my local area in both winter and summer. It rides pretty stiff (suspension wise) on asphalt or sidewalks but reasonably better on off road or dirt terrain. Would be nice if the suspension could be easily adjusted to accommodate the variying terrain. During the winter I noticed that the tires ride super smoothe after a fresh snowfall, however it gets a little sliperry if the snow melts and gets slick and icy. Removable studds or studded tires would probably be a better option for winter riding. I've also noticed that the battery life is significantly lessened during the winter months compared to summer months when it's much warmer. Battery life essentially also determines the total distance possible based on its total available voltage (as well as tire pressure). Switching between gears and power modes is also pretty smoothe and flawless, brakes work exceptionally well. Speed and accelleration seems pretty nice to me, and top speed on a straight road tops out between 26-28 mph which I think is pretty quick for this type of bike. I think my initial idea with this type of ebike was to have it as a companion trail rider which would be nice for trekking or taking on trails during camp outs or excursions. Some additions that I've added are led headlight, runflat tire foam inserts, gel seat pad, small rechargeable air pump & tool kit, helmet, spare battery and fireproof battery bags. I hope this review helps and I hope to get more miles and fun out of my Mavric Misfit.

    Best Purchase...EVER

    We bought 2 Misfit - 750 bikes about a year ago. These are the most fun that you could ever spend your money on. You won't regret it for a second. The battery is long lasting and these are exceptional bikes! You won't regret it!

    Such a great bike!

    Very easy to set up right out of the box. Probably took 15 minutes. The bike quality is amazing. You can see and feel how well built it is. It rides really well on and off road and definitely catches everyone’s attention. Best value I have seen in e-bikes. I highly recommend getting one for yourself!

    Melanie Bruck
    Wild and funky fun

    Easy to put together, easy to learn the “controls” and a wonderful feeling of freedom and excitement riding down the road, trail or path. Anxious to get a few assessories and to make my bike an everyday escape!! Thank you for making and selling this bike 🚴

    Amazing Bike!

    I bought a Misfit and a Cruz for my girlfriend and both bikes are awesome and very simple to assemble out of the box. Highly recommend.

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