E-bike Buyers Guide

Here at Mavric, we understand an E-bike is a serious investment. That's why we will cover the most important distinctions of electric bikes so you can make an educated decision.

Here is a complete beginners guide to purchasing your first Electric Bike.

Choosing the Right Power:

One of the first things to consider is the power of the electric motor. Electric bikes come in various power options, typically ranging from 250 watts to 750 watts. The power you need depends on your intended use. For casual rides on flat terrain at lesser speeds, a lower power option may suffice, while off-road adventures or hilly terrain at higher speeds will require a higher-powered motor. 

Understanding Battery Range: 

Battery range refers to how far an e-bike can travel on a single charge. The range varies depending on factors such as motor power, terrain, rider weight, and assist level. As a beginner, it's advisable to choose an e-bike with a battery range that meets your typical riding needs based on what you will be using the bike for. For example, Mavric Ebikes average about 40-60 miles in range with our latest Matador release topping 75 miles in range! Keep in mind that battery range can be extended by pedaling and using lower assist levels.

Considering Bike Type: 

E-bikes come in various types, including commuter, mountain, folding, and fat-tire bikes. Choose a bike type that matches your intended use and riding preferences. For commuting, a commuter e-bike with fenders, lights, and racks may be ideal. If you're into off-road adventures, a mountain e-bike with robust suspension and tires may be the right choice. 

Test Riding and Fit: 

Just like traditional bikes, it's important to test ride e-bikes to ensure comfort and fit. Make sure the bike frame size, handlebar height, and saddle height are suitable for your body measurements. It is also wise to go with an option that has adjustable handlebars and seat, making it more accessible for all sizes of riders, here is an example of an adjustable bike.

A comfortable fit is necessary for an enjoyable riding experience. 


Checking Features and Components:

Pay attention to the features and components of an e-bike, such as brakes, gears, suspension, and lighting. Remember these bikes just like anything else have moving parts that will need to be serviced over time. High-quality components can greatly affect performance and durability. Consider features that are important to you, such as integrated lights, fenders, or a rear rack, based on your riding needs. 

Maintenance and Support: 

E-bikes require regular maintenance, such as battery charging, tire inflation, and brake adjustments. Consider the availability of local support, such as bike shops or service centers, for maintenance and repairs. Familiarize yourself with the warranty and after-sales support offered by the manufacturer or seller. Every E-bike also has a battery, its important to keep these batteries in a temperature controlled area when not in use. In addition to Mavric's one-year warranty, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee to take the concern out of ordering online. See our terms and conditions. 

I hope this guide has provided you with a helpful overview of buying an e-bike as a beginner. Please reach out to our team at MavricBikes.com or email us at support@mavricbikes.com for any further questions or inquires about electric bikes.

Your friends at Mavric,

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